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Some countries are considering imposing curfews in which teenagers will not be allowed outdoors at night unless they are accompanied by an adult. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this policy?

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Ngày tham gia: 03-05-2021

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Curfews applied to juveniles have been taken into consideration in a number of nations, which means that those aged 13-19 will be not given permission to go out in a certain period of time without the presence of a responsible person. In my view, I would contend that the merits of this policy are outweighed by its drawbacks. On the one hand, implementing limits on time to teenagers plays in part in diminishing the rate of crime in the youth. That is to say, this age group is viewed to easily succumb to the temptation of social evils. Consequently, putting this strategy into operation enables adults to give indirect instruction through supervision, especially full of criminal activity around midnight, and they are obliged to involve in salubrious activities at home. On the other hand, adolescents are always curious about everything happening around them, and thus the more people prohibit, the more they insist on getting it. Hence, the fact that mature people set limitations on them is just to stimulate their natural curiosity. It is likely that they can make it all the way to explore the world out there, which results in opposite effects on them. Furthermore, they will start to present rebellion on their part and fight for their own freedom, leading to spark conflicts among members of their family. In summary, based on the above-mentioned contentions, I assume that curfews should not be put into practice for teenagers, instead, it is advisable to give them the room to be exposed to whatever they want.
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Ngày tham gia: 04-09-2021

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In my opinion, I think that this policy is extremely absurd, because teenagers are already adult and they know what are they doing. If they have to go our with adults, maybe their parents will prevent them from their save habits. As a teenager, I know that it feels very uncomfortable. Teenagers also need their own space. They have been under a lot of presure from studying, family,and their friends. So of course they also need time to relive their presure. Maybe they will suffer from depression or they will be very tired from too much pressure. I think they should have some freedom. They should consult the teenagers before making that rule, teenagers have the right to make their own decisions too. So my answer is I don't agree with this rule and I want the person who made this rule to think again about it and see if it's ok.
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Ngày tham gia: 13-03-2020

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Some nations are thinking about imposing curfews that forbid adolescents from being outdoors at night unless there is an adult with them. In my opinion, this policy should be applied flexibly to ensure their safety but also make them comfortable. On the first hand, this policy is beneficial to teenagers. Firstly, due to their lack of knowledge and life experience they can not protect themselves well from many dangerous situations such as robberies or kidnapping. Therefore, staying indoors or being accompanied by an adult can help them avoid bad scenarios. Secondly, there are fewer people and light at night. Consequently, more bad people trying to take advantage of this nighttime to harm adolescents, especially when they are alone. For example, a man was caught harassing a 13 years old girl in the elevator by the camera when she was alone at night in Vietnam before. This bad thing would not happen if she was accompanied by an adult. On the other hand, these curfews also have some drawbacks. Children usually spend the daytime at school so they should be allowed to go out to join parties or other leisure activities to unwind their minds, keep fit and broaden their horizons at night. If this policy is approved, teenagers must depend on adult’s schedule because the adult may be busy sometimes. Moreover, they usually do not feel comfortable when being accompanied by an adult. In some countries or areas, the crime rate is very low and there are also some teenagers who can protect themselves very well. Thus this policy becomes inappropriate. In my opinion, this policy should be imposed on teenagers under 15 years old because they need to be protected more. Moreover, it should not be applied in safe nations or areas. To sum up, this policy is beneficial to teenagers but it should be imposed on certain ages and countries or areas.
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Some countries are considering imposing curfews in wich teennagers will not be allowed outdoors at night unless ...
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