Review Test 2

Review Test 2 - Reading

Bài dịch đang đóng.

Reading Comprehension 1

Bạn hãy đọc bài thật kỹ trước khi trả lời các câu hỏi trong bài luyện tập bên dưới:

Some facts about Kiwis

Kiwis grow to about the size of a chicken and weigh between three and nine pounds. They have no tail and tiny two inch wings which for all practical purposes, are useless. Despite its awkward appearance, a kiwi can actually outrun a human and have managed to survive because of their alertness and their sharp, three-toed feet, which enable them to kick and slash an enemy.

The main breeding period is from late winter to summer. Nests may be in hollow logs, under tree roots, in natural holes or in burrows excavated mainly by the male. Most clutches contain one or two eggs. Eggs are smooth and colored ivory or greenish-white. Kiwi eggs are proportionately larger compared to the size of the adult female than the eggs of any other bird. An egg may reach one-quarter of its mother's weight.

After the first egg is laid, the male takes over incubation and nest maintenance. Incubation takes about eleven weeks but if the female returns to lay another egg, the male has to sit on the clutch for a much longer time. Leaving the nest only occasionally, the male's weight can decrease by up to one third.

Before the coming of the Maori, the kiwi had no predators. Although the Maori valued kiwi feathers for making cloaks, the number of birds killed by Maoris was probably insignificant. During the latter part of last century, many thousands of kiwis were captured by Europeans for zoos, museums and private collections. Bush clearing, introduced predators, opossum traps and motor vehicles have all contributed to the reduction in the kiwi population. However, the kiwi has fared markedly better than other flightless birds such as the Kakapo and Takahe. As long as suitable habitat is set aside, and the remaining kiwis are left undisturbed, the survival of this unique bird should be assured.

Today, New Zealanders overseas (and at home) are still invariably called ''Kiwis''. The Kiwi is still closely associated with the Armed Forces. The New Zealand dollar is often referred to as the ''The Kiwi'' and the kiwi fruit is known as ''Kiwi" in some countries. Kiwis are featured in the coat of arms, crests and badges of many New Zealand cities, clubs and organizations.

Reading Comprehension 2

Bạn hãy đọc bài thật kỹ trước khi trả lời các câu hỏi trong bài luyện tập bên dưới:

Eating the Elvis Presley way

There are more than 400 books about Elvis Presley. There are books about his music, his films, his life, his death, his religion - and his food. There is the Presley Family Cookbook, The Elvis Presley Cookbook, Elvis' Favorite Recipes, and now Eating the Elvis Presley Way. What makes this book different? To begin with, this is not a cookbook. You can find recipes here, but this book is the story of Elvis' life.

It is the story of the food that he ate and the people who cooked it for him. And an extremely interesting life it was, too. The food in the first two or three chapters is quite normal - baby food, boring school dinners, army meals when he was doing his military service, that sort of thing. But later, when Elvis was rich and famous, it is a very different story. With all the money in the world, Elvis chose to eat like a child.

Elvis got up late and his first meal of the day was breakfast at five o'clock in the afternoon: bacon and eggs, or sausage and eggs. After that, it was snacks: pizza and hot dogs, hamburgers and fries, chocolate and cakes - all day and every day. Elvis even had a fridge in his bedroom for his favorite snacks. As the years passed, Elvis' eating problems became really serious.

One day, when Elvis was going to the White House to meet the President, he was feeling a bit hungry and ate 250g of chocolate and then 12 donuts in his taxi. Another time, he ordered a large ice cream for breakfast. He ate it quickly, ordered a second, a third, a fourth and a fifth before falling asleep again.

Elvis' last meal before he died was four scoops of ice cream with six chocolate cookies. Elvis was an extremely unhappy man. His food and the drugs that he took made him feel good, but killed him in the end. It's a fairly sad story, but a fascinating one, too.

New words/phrases

Một số từ mới và cấu trúc bạn nên nhớ

Bài dịch đang đóng.

Vụng về, bất tiện
Despite a great deal of practice, she remained an awkward dancer.
Mặc dù luyện tập rất nhiều tuy nhiên cô ấy vẫn là 1 vũ công vụng về.
Sự cảnh giác, sự tỉnh táo
I am looking to improve my concentration, alertness, and quick thinking.
Tôi đang cố gắng để luyện khả năng tập trung, sự tỉnh táo và suy nghĩ nhanh của mình.
Rạch, cắt, khía
She tried to commit suicide by slashing her wrists.
Cô ấy đã cố gắng tự tử bằng cách rạch cổ tay.
Sự sinh sản
The penguins' breeding season has begun.
Mùa sinh sản của chim cánh cụt vừa mới bắt đầu.
Đào đất
The body was discovered when builders excavated the area.
Thi thể đã được phát hiện ra khi công nhân xây dựng đào bới khu vực đó.
Sự ấp trứng
The average incubation period for chickens is 21 days.
Thời gian ấp trứng trung bình của gà là 21 ngày.
Ổ ấp trứng
Clutch sizes vary within and among species.
Kích cỡ của ổ ấp trứng khác nhau giữa các loài.
Kẻ săn mồi, động vật ăn thịt
Some animals have no natural predators.
Một số loài vật không có kẻ thù ăn thịt trong tự nhiên.
Lúc nào cũng vậy
The train is invariably late.
Tàu này lúc nào cũng muộn.
Sách hướng dẫn nấu ăn
This is an excellent cookbook for anyone wanting to learn to cook or make simple recipes.
Đây là cuốn sách dạy nấu ăn tuyệt vời dành cho những ai muốn học nấu ăn hay làm các món đơn giản.
Enable sbd to do sth
Cho phép (giúp) ai đó làm gì
Three-toed feet enable them to kick and slash an enemy.
Bàn chân 3 ngón giúp chúng có khả năng đá và tạo các vết cắt đối với kẻ thù.
What software do I need to enable me to process the transaction?
Tôi phải ứng dụng phần mềm nào để thực hiện giao dịch?
Take over
Đảm nhiệm, giành quyền
The male takes over incubation and nest maintenance.
Con đực đảm nhiệm việc ấp trứng và bảo vệ tổ.
She took over as manager two weeks ago.
Cô ấy đảm nhận chức vụ quản lý được 2 tuần.
Value sth for
Đánh giá cái gì quan trọng đối với
The Maori valued kiwi feathers for making cloaks.
Người Maori đánh giá lông chim Kiwi quan trọng trong việc làm áo choàng.
They valued grapes for making wine.
Họ đánh giá nho rất quan trọng trong việc làm rượu.
Set aside
Để dành, dự trữ
As long as suitable habitat is set aside, and the remaining kiwis are left undisturbed, the survival of this unique bird should be assured.
Chừng nào mà môi trường sống phù hợp của chim kiwi được xem trọng, và những con còn xót lại được bảo tồn thì chúng ta mới có thể có sự đảm bảo về sự tồn tại của loài chim đặc biệt này.
Something, such as land or a certain percentage of profits that is set aside for a specific purpose.
Một số thứ như là đất đai và một phần lợi nhuận cần dự trữ cho mục đích cụ thể nào đó.
Associate with
Liên tưởng tới, liên quan tới
The Kiwi is still closely associated with the Armed Forces.
Biểu tượng Kiwi còn có sự liên tưởng mật thiêt với lực lượng vũ trang.
I always associate the smell of baking with my childhood.
Tôi luôn có sự liên tưởng giữa mùi bánh mỳ với tuổi thơ của mình.
Refer to
Kể đến, ám chỉ là
The New Zealand dollar is often referred to as the “The Kiwi”.
Đồng đô la New Zealand cũng được nhắc đến như là “Kiwi”.
She always referred to Ben as ‘that nice man’.
Cô ấy luôn ám chỉ Ben là một người đàn ông tốt.


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