PM Dung says Viet Nam will defend its sovereignty

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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has said that Viet Nam would resolutely defend its sovereignty and legitimate interests.
The PM made the statement in response to questions from the Associated Press and Reuters on the current developments in the East Sea, and Viet Nam's measures following China's illegal deployment of an oil rig in Viet Nam's exclusive economic zone.
When asked whether Viet Nam would file a petition against China under the mechanisms of international law or solve the tensions by military means, the PM stated: "Viet Nam has endured untold suffering and losses from past invasive wars. We always desire peace and friendship to build and develop the country. We are never the first to use military means."
"There is a vast gap between the words and deeds of China." he said, adding that China's acts in Viet Nam's waters in recent days were extremely dangerous and seriously threatened peace, stability and security in the region and the world.
He declared "We are thirsty for peace and friendship, but it must be based on ensuring Vietnam’s independence, self-reliance, sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will never barter these sacred things for an unrealizable and dependent peace and friendship."
Responding to a question on the possibility of Viet Nam joining forces with an ally to deal with this situation, Dung said Viet Nam would not join any military alliance against another country. This is the country's consistent foreign policy, which has been shown to the world many times.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, world leaders and organizations around the globe have expressed deep concerns about the threat of China's actions.
He said, "I believe the international community will continue to make correct assessments of the situation and add their voices to prevent this serious threat."
Regarding relations between the two countries following China’s illegal act, Dzung stressed that Viet Nam was deeply aware of the friendship and mutually beneficial co-operation between the two countries.
He reiterated that Viet Nam attached special importance to its friendship and co-operation with China, and would always try to strengthen and preserve it. The country wishes, together with China, to solve disputes by peaceful means on the basis of international law, equality and mutual respect.
He finished with saying "Viet Nam strongly opposes China's illegal rig placement in Vietnamese waters and will firmly protect its national sovereignty and legitimate interests in accordance with international law."
This is Nick Veinot. We will be back with more news from English123.

Source: vietnamnews



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