NA deputies seek greater clarity around new identification cards

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Lawmakers yesterday stressed the need for more details about the management of personal information relating to new citizens' identity cards so as to ensure the privacy and protection of the cardholders.
Discussing issues related to the issuance of a new citizen identification card, National Assembly (NA) deputies agreed that cards must be produced with advanced technology to ensure that they are durable, impossible to fake and able to carry essential information.
At a working session of the NA Standing Committee, the deputies said the card should fulfill its function of simplifying personal documentation needs.
The committee also discussed the use of the new identification card as a unique identification document that can be used for transactions and travel within Viet Nam.
Commenting on the draft of the Citizen Identity Law, they noted that under the new legislation, unlike the existing identity card, the new one will be issued at the same time as the birth certificate to ensure the rights of citizens under the 2013 Constitution.
They also said that the new law should make clear the connection between the national demographic database, household database and residency database.
Some deputies said that the demographic database should be the main database used to collect information on a citizen's identity to ensure accuracy and consistency.
Meanwhile, the NA's Council of National Defense and Security called for further discussion and clarifications on how issuance of the new identity card can help ease citizen documentation procedures.
It said there should be greater clarity on exactly what papers it can replace in what set of circumstances.
Earlier the same day, the NA's Standing Committee also discussed the draft Household Law, which deals with authorization and registration procedures for household documentation.
The deputies agreed that the Government needs to focus more efforts and resources on development of the national demographic database, given its central importance to the new identity card.
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Source: vietnamnews



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