Exhibition highlights anti-French war propaganda posters and paintings

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An exhibition of more than 100 propaganda paintings and posters which highlight Vietnamese resistance against French invaders opened today in Ha Noi.
The Museum of National History has established an exhibition room of propaganda paintings, posters and bulletins created during the French war from 1946 to 1954 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory.
Visitors can view the works of the pioneering painters Nguyen Do Cung, To Ngoc Van and Luong Xuan Nhi, and many other anonymous artists. A number of the paintings were created on the battlefield by the soldiers.
Vu Manh Ha, vice director of the museum, said that propaganda paintings constituted a new fine art form in the 20th century. Yet, they were also a "sharp weapon" which had tremendous impact on the thinking, sentiments and actions of the masses.
The paintings and posters reflect the guidelines and policies of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the State, and the thinking and activities of the Vietnamese people and soldiers during the Anti-French War.
Due to the poor conditions during wartime, the artists had to work with simple and modest tools and papers of poor quality. However, they still made lively, colorful artworks to inspire patriotism, calling people to fight against the invaders and increase production to serve the revolution.
Many of the artists are anonymous as they didn't put their name on their artworks.
According to Nguyen Thi Tuong Khanh, an expert from the museum some of the painters said that they had volunteered and felt happy to serve the resistance with their creations.
Vice director Ha said the collection of propaganda paintings and posters shows the development of the Vietnamese culture in general, and Vietnamese fine art in particular.
These propaganda paintings were created to praise the close-knit relationship between the soldiers and the people; commemorate the anniversaries; mark special occasions; call the people to fight and work; and honor heroes.
The exhibition will run till July at the Museum of National History, 25 Tong Dan Street, Ha Noi.
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Source: vietnamnews



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