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This video will have an impact on the outcome of your life in ways you probably never thought until you learn about the butterfly effect. So how can we relate and physically see this? Well, like I said, every single event in reality is the result of a past action, but there are some examples that will reminisce with all of us, because the action started was so small, it had such a devastating or positive outcome on all of our lives. Let's take a look at a few of those examples. World War I was an event that changed the course of all of our lives, but what if World War I never took place? Well, that in theory could be equally as damaging because another more devastating war may have broken out, but just what if? Well, it's been theorized that if somehow a war did not happen, there, of course, would be no World War II, no Hitler rising to power, no 60-plus million deaths.
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