Lesson 10 - Family


Bây giờ chúng ta hãy cùng tiếp tục luyện nghe với bài tập sau nhé.

Hướng dẫn

1Bây giờ bạn hãy nghe và viết lại nội dung của bài nghe vào mục GỬI BÀI dưới đây.

2Sau khi hoàn thành bài viết bạn hãy ấn vào nút TRANSCRIPT để xem nội dung của bài nghe này.

(Bạn nên làm bài trước khi xem.)

Susanna: I enjoy reading. I read a lot of books and I love going to the library. My Dad likes outdoor things. He’s really in sports and swimming. And he also tells me that I should get more interested in sports. But Mom tells me that reading is the best thing to learn. She always gives me books that she’s been reading.

Robbie: I’m very interested in computers. I’m always teaching myself new computer programs, and I have a lot of great software. My brother and I spend all of our free time in computer stores and on the internet. My sister is more interested in art. She likes music and she loves stories. She hates computers.

Elizabeth: I love travelling. My mother and I go to different places every year. Both of us love to learn new things about cultures. My father never goes with us because he hates flying. My older sister is in college, so she stays home and studies when we’re away.  Sometimes I wish my sister and my father would travel with us because I miss them.

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